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Everything we do at Hope is governed by our Core Values, these are our 'non-negotiables' that make us distinctive from other churches in our locality.

    Core Value 1: We believe that the worship of God should be undertaken with zeal, passion, reverence and humility.
    Core Value 2: We believe that anointed preaching of the Scriptures is the means of transformation and change, both in the individual and the church.
    Core Value 3: We believe in doing things to the best of our ability and that excellence honours God and inspires people.
    Core Value 4: We believe that the church should be culturally relevant and contemporary, whilst remaining true to the teaching of Scripture.
    Core Value 5: We believe that our mission is to communicate the Gospel by all means and without distinction.
    Core Value 6: We believe that Christians are stewards of Godís blessings and should be faithful in the giving of tithes, offerings and lifeís resources.
    Core Value 7: We believe that every Christian, including the young, is called to ministry and should pursue a godly life through which their gifts can be released.
    Core Value 8: We believe that Love, Unity and Prayer should permeate every aspect of Church life.
    Core Value 9: We believe that the Church should be led by people with the gift of leadership.
    Core Value 10: We believe that the Church can only function effectively with the Baptism, Gifts, Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit.