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In 1948, Pastor Howell Harris, an evangelist, held a small crusade in Newtown and a series of meetings were arranged. These took place in the ‘Pavilion’, a large building now extinct. However, this campaign was not a great success, but a small group of people were contacted and these formed the nucleus of a church. No building was available, so a small tent was erected off Park Lane, and there the meetings continued until late in the Autumn when a sectional building was obtained. This became the first home of the church in November 1951.

The Church was now formed and officially joined to the A.O.G.
movement. After 6 years Mr Cyril Pugh resigned the Pastorate to emigrate to Canada and Mr Elwyn Pugh moved to Newtown to assist the work. For a time there was no recognised Pastor, meetings were convened alternately by Mr John Morris and Mr Elwyn Pugh.  Membership at this time was about twenty adults.

Over the years, NPC saw the hard work and ministry of many faithful people, we cannot write in detail about them all but their names include: Pastor Bryn Barrett, Pastor John Redley, and Mr & Mrs Harold Horn.
In 1975 Pastor Brian Downward returned to Newtown as Minister. For a period Sunday services were held in the Memorial Gallery in the Newtown Park. At that time the present site off the Dolfor Road was made available by the Development Corporation. Upon this ground our present church building has been erected and was opened in 1977.

In 1985 Pastor Alan Hewitt and his wife Jeni, took over pastoring at NPC. The church continued to grow and in 1989 the buildings were extended by the addition of new offices, sports hall, youth lounge, conference room and playschool facilities.

Further staff have been added along the way, an Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children's Pastor and an Administrator are currently working, alongside a dedicated and committed team of volunteers without whom much of Hope's Ministry would not take place.
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We built BETHSHAN, Newtown's only Nursing Home in 2001, it has been full ever since and now employs over 90 people.

In 2003 we improved our entrance foyer and toilets and included an information desk in the reception for visitors and church family alike, this is a hub of activity each week.

Now, we are known as Hope Community Church, having renamed ourselves in May 2006, we intend to be an example of the kind of church God wants us to be: bring the real meaning of Hope to our town; and being very much a church IN the Community.
We are very grateful to God for all the favour and blessings shown to us over our history.

We recognise however, that our greatest days are yet to come!